I have 4 main goals:

  • Reaching Financial Independence.
  • Having strong relationships with family and friends.
  • Great top shape health.
  • Helping the world.

These goals compliment each other and help me maintain my happiness. Reaching financial independence grants me the freedom of choosing how I spend my time. More time means being more with family and friends. More time means more exercises and physical activity. More time means I can provide more website content and directly/indirectly help the world (hopefully) :). I will be worried less and have lower stress levels. It directly and indirectly helps my other three goals.

It has been proven that Good relationships keep us happier and healthier.

Having a great health is going to allow me to live longer. As I age, I will continue to be physically active.

Helping the world directly feeds happiness.


Dividends are a great way of deciding when I have reached Financial Independence. Ideally all expenses and must be covered with the dividends. To be safe from real inflation and unknown, there must be more money left after expenses so they can be reinvested. The formula looks like this:

Dividends (FI) = expenses + reinvestment

Ideally I would like to have equal amount of expenses reinvested. So if my expenses are $20000, I’d need $40000 dividend income. This gives a nice buffer that if my expenses rise to $25000, I can still reinvest $15000.

As for the remainder of this page, I’m going to post my dividend income progress: