Why Eat healthy?

Eating healthy is one of the easiest way of saving more simply by changing the eating habits. We’re going to retire earlier, so why not increase the amount of time we can live to continue enjoying it? Money grows, time doesn’t. However eating healthier food increases the life span thus giving the gift of living longer.

Healthy food also allows us to function with more energy which further accelerates us towards our goal of financial independence.

Now how do I save money eating healthy? Lets assume that a person eats out 4 meals a week for roughly $14 each. This sums up to $3000 a year. Assuming we continually save and invest this money with a return of 7% gain, it comes down to $134,596 in 20 years. How many years of work does it require to save this much? Plenty for me..

Buying unprocessed food significantly lowers costs. In Quebec, Canada there’s a 15% tax on processed food. This means anything other than vegetables, fruits, grains, raw meat, eggs and etc are taxed. So by buying unprocessed food Canadians automatically save ~15% .

All it takes is shopping for fresh groceries every 1-2 weeks. Remember to buy only what you need and never any extras for groceries that can easily spoil. I used to be a victim of this, having too many vegetables in the fridge and not being able to eat them all. This way less money is wasted and more is invested. Staples and shelf/dry foods should be bought in bulk on sale. This way we save time by avoiding frequent shopping. I often buy 5kg (11 lbs) of each ingredients and it lasts me months. Here is a couple of examples:

  • Dry beans + peas + chickpeas + similar families
  • Canned Sardines (better than Tuna and Salmon because smaller fish contain less toxins + it’s more of a sustainable food source + high omega 3 and calcium content)

General guideline

Examine what healthy options your country produces and it’s relatively cheap. Then keep in mind the lowest price you can find for that item so that whenever it goes on sale you buy that item in bulk.

I have a fairly balanced diet. This diet includes different kind of nuts & seeds, vegetables, fruits, grains, oils. For example in Canada these are the items that I buy.


Extra virgin coconut oil ($7/500ml) + Extra virgin olive oil ($6/L) + butter sometimes

Nuts & Seeds:

Peanuts ($4.5/kg) + Pumpkin seeds ($6.5/kg) +Sunflower seeds ($4.5/kg) + Almonds ($11-13/kg) + Walnuts ($15/kg)


Apples, pearls, plums (0.99/lb) + bananas (0.49/lb)


Tomatoes + Kale + Parsley + Coriander +


Turmeric ( Tons of benefit ), Cinnamon and etc.

The lower medical bill and longer life expectancy still applies 😉

P.s: These prices reflect 2017 prices in Montreal.